Why Choose Us as Your DUI lawyers in Chicago

It’s common knowledge that there is a risk for conviction in any criminal case. Although you are innocent until proven guilty most District Attorneys are NOT unbiased, so usually, the only person who has your looking out for your best interest is your attorney.

Naturally, you should have to be able to trust your attorney.

  • Do they have the courtroom experience?
  • Are they familiar with DWI cases?
  • This is where The Law Offices of Cheap DUI Lawyers gets set apart.

What sets our Chicago DUI Attorneys Apart

Many of ourChicago DUI lawyers interned at various places, such as the U.S. Department of Justice and the Illinois Supreme Court. Our personnel are honest and actually willing to go the extra mile to get you the help that you need, from discussing whether the prosecutors can prove you were driving to seeing if the police had a right to stop you. We only handle criminal cases, so you can be assured our focus stays on you. From 2008, our firm has helped over 9000 DUI misdemeanor cases Chicago.

Our Lawers Approach to DWI in Chicago

We use an aggressive defensive strategy to handle our DWI cases. In a recent case, a client was arrested for his second DWI, and they were understandably concerned as the District Attorney announced they were going after a Felony and jail time for the client. Through our aggressive defensive strategy, we noticed a critical error made by the District Attorney. Through several court appearances and written motions, the client got off with no felony. In fact, their whole case was dismissed. While most other firms would not go through all of that for a client, our law offices are prepared to fight for you for as long as needed. We will even pick up your case at any point through litigation.

Our Cheap Chicago DUI Lawyers are here for you

We understand how stressful a DWI Case can be, that is why our lawyers are available 7 days a week through, text and phone (773) 280-8803

Our offices in Midtown and Downtown Chicago are always open for appointments after work or on the weekends for your convenience. Here, we are dedicated to providing the best possible defense for your case and will remain on your side until the case is closed.


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