DUI in Chicago

A DUI, or driving under the influence charge in Chicago, is a serious offense. If you are charged with a DUI OR A DWI you need to understand how to protect yourself. Get a good DUI Lawyer in Chicago is the second thing you should do after you have been released but list below is the first things you should do

First Five Things You Need to Do After Being Accused of a DUI in Chicago


1) Write down everything you remember

  Many cases are won or lost thanks to the amount of detail that can be recalled from the scene. It's important to write down everything you remember in order to prevent your memory from fading. Even if it seems insignificant don't leave it out, record everything about the night that you can remember. A few sample questions could come in handy, such as:

* Where was the location of the stop?

*What time was it?

* Why were you stopped?

* Did the officer administer a breath test?

* Did the officer ask you any pertinent questions about your night or condition (Ex. What you had to drink, how much, etc.)?

* Did they give you the standard sobriety tests?


2) Switch your online profile over to "private"

  The Miranda Rights are more than just a necessary litany that officers must perform. The line "anything you say can and will be used against you in court" does extend to social media. So, if you are on any social media platform when you are convicted of a DUI it would be wise to switch your settings to private. Chicago Prosecutors will be seeking any excuse to damage your character using whatever material they can find. A seemingly innocuous photo or post can be twisted and used in a number of different ways to showcase an individual as a supposed malcontent, which is exactly what prosecutors are known to do. So by all means switch your privacy settings and do not fall into the temptation of posting about your DUI online in any format. Save yourself a great deal of trouble and remain silent about this night until matters are sorted out.


3) Find reliable witnesses

  Family, friends, and even acquaintances can be tapped to put in a good word for your case by testifying to your state of mind before the incident. Even if you are guilty of a DUI in Chicago a witness can go a long way towards exonerating you from any other trumped up charges that might occur. At the very least a witness can attest that you were in fact guilty of the crime, but are not a habitual felon.


4) Hire a Good Chicago DUI Lawyer

 Don't settle for the first Chicago DUI attorney when seeking defense for a Chicago DUI case. Make certain that your chosen lawyer knows a great deal about DUI cases and is experienced enough to help you out. DUI cases are all about facts, details, and scientific theory regarding the effects of alcohol on the brain and the impairment it can cause. You need someone that is knowledgeable about such subjects and can bring that expertise to the court room.


5) Try to relax

  Your Chicago DUI lawyer is there to take a great deal of the burden off of your shoulders, so let your DUI Lawyer do their job and try to calm down.

 Whether you are guilty or not a DUI charge can disrupt your life, as it is a serious charge that can change your life. Let your lawyer sweat over the hard stuff and go on with your life as normal as much as you possibly can.

Unfortunately getting a DUI in Chicago can mean that you may be facing felony charges depending upon the officer and how you react to their authority.

 A DUI is serious no matter where it happens, but in a city such as Chicago where the police force still harbors a less than stellar reputation it is wise to keep yourself protected by practicing good habits. In the event of a DUI it is best to know what to do and how to stop from getting into more trouble.

If you have been arrested for for DUI or DWI Call us our DUI Lawyers in Chicago are here to help you win your case